House Rules

Safety first. You’ve heard of Covid-19 right? Let’s keep it safe in the name of self-care, check out my ‘covid-19 wellness form’.  

*please note signs of illness of ANY KIND will result in cancellation of your appointment at ANY TIME.

Things come up, I get it. 

‘Cancellation Policy’


a. please leave family and friends at home

b. please secure large personal belonging in a secure place outside of the salon building 

c. No food, only drinks with covers.


a. Stay in your car until appointment time and notified me when you are here.


 Text (919) 443-6611

b. Wear mask upon entering the building


                  keep mask on at all times


c. Sanitation and Wellness check-in

  1. Temperature will be checked at the door **

  2. wash hands and/or sanitize hands

     **Temperatures over 99 will not be allowed. 


a. Sanitize often

b. Ask me for help with retail items, please do not touch

c. Please wear mask the entire appointment



a. Sanitize hands

b. Contactless payment ( chip reader, apple wallet or invoice)

c. Book online

Janay Cobb

2091 W Millbrook rd

Raleigh, NC 27612

Wednesday--- Saturday

(Hours may vary)

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