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Curly Haircut

for those who hardly ever straighten their hair and are happy with their current curl pattern

Classic Haircut

for those who:

- enjoy versatility 

- curly hair trim, no shaping

- curly and haven’t had a haircut in a while. Hair needs to be dried stretched for visibility

Starting at $65


Shampoo &Set

Refreshing shampoo and conditioning styles as a wet curl set or brushed blow dry finish

Shampoo & Heat Style Finish

After a blow dry style, have your look polished with a heat tool (flat iron or curling iron) for a sleek and modern finish.

Starting at $55


Mini Highlights

hairline highlights to brighten around the face

Partial Highlight

highlights just on top of the hair, including front hairline and part area

Full Highlight

highlights covering the entire head to achieve a full lightness all over


free hand painting designed to give a naturally lightened look

Bleach Retouch

maintenance after a total bleach out (current client only(originally bleached out by me)

Color Correction

starting anew from a previously created color (consultation required)

added on & starting at $45

Spa Treatments

Deep Conditioning

for added hydration


Scalp Scrub

for gentle exfoliating massage of the scalp


a selection of bond building treatments according to hairs need

Keratin Vital Shot

protein added to the hair for repair and strength 

Keratin Vanilla bean Deep Conditioning

aromatic, protein infused hybrid deep conditioning for repair and hydration

added on & starting at $10



to add shine and a hue to current hair color



a quick color correction of the current color


Root Touch up

color applied to the base of the hair to accentuate current color or cover grays


Full Color

color from roots to end in a single process

added on & starting at $30


Express Blowout

A speedy smoothing solution, eliminating frizz in just one hour.

Natural Smoothing 

Damage repairing treatment that also provides strength, increased manageability and shine while reducing blow dry time.

Maximum Straightness

The Strongest treatment for straighter results.

Personalized Blowout**

customizable style finishes and infused with aloe vera. This Keratin is considered a natural plant based keratin that can smooth frizz, straighten the hair OR define curls


**CURLS: this is safe!  This Keratin helps increase manageability and moisture retention which is great for all hair types. Results last up to 3 months.

starting at $150


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