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House Rules


a. please leave family and friends at home = social distancing

b. please secure large personal belonging in a secure place outside of the salon building 

c. No food, only drinks with covers. Complimentary snacks and beverages available

NoteHair prep required: Down - Dry - Detangled


a.  Once parked, from your car at your appointment time,

click 'Check-In' from the Vagaro app to notified me when you are here.


 if needed ... Text (919) 443-6611

b. Wearing a mask is not required, but is encouraged for those who are prone to

excessive sneezing due to sensitivity to scent and/or allergies.


a.  Hand Soap and Sanitizer are available to minimize the spread of bacteria.

b. Want a 'Silent Appointment' ? Add the request to your notes when booking your appointment. I'll respect it. 

c. Please ask about products


a. Ask about your routine maintenance plan

b. Contactless payment ( chip reader, apple wallet or invoice)

c. Pre-book your next appointment

or Book online

Things come up, I get it.


click PDF icon to the right review the cancellation policy

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