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Grand Textures by Janay

est. 2020


Texture isn’t just about the way it looks, it’s about the way it feels. Grand is way of being!

The two create a unique union of love that exudes confidence and demands respect.

Grand Textures is all about Healthy hair for Curly textures. Special attention to higher quality health services and practices for curly hair types.

Transcending the culture of black hair care, viewing our natural hair as luxury. To elevate curly hair as a high fashion and evolutionary.

I became a cosmetologist because I wanted to encourage self-love by promoting a healthy hair lifestyle. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio by a hairstylist mother, I was exposed to the world of beauty at an early age. It all started when I began playing in my own hair at the age of 10. It wasn’t long before I was styling everyone else too.

After years of research, I discovered that I have to first understand the hair and then listen to it. Being a cheerleader for 14 years of my life, I loved finally letting my hair down and feeling my scalp again. Throughout my travel experiences, I also paid attention how our hair changes with not only the elements but with climate too. I've noticed that methods and routines that I've learned along my journey, have failed me.

I am constantly researching a better way and I've found it! I believe hair should be manageable, beautiful and personal. I dedicated myself to be a stylist that not only wants the salon experience to be relaxing but informative.

Being free has always been my motivation for my career and lifestyle. I love to experience life with nothing holding me back. For over 10 years now, I’ve been living a relaxer free life where I can just let my hair grow, freely. To encourage my free spirited lifestyle, I love to travel somewhere warm for adventure, touring, catching up on beauty rest and good eats. At home I love dancing with my hubby and catching up on our tv shows.

At Grand Textures Salon, your appointment is your time to get to know your hair and feel refreshed. During your visit to my private studio salon, you can sip a complimentary beverage, listening to jazz and just relax.

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