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Art, commissioned

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hair has always been a way for me to express myself as an artist. Being a hairstylist and artist is a challenging concept because I do not see the words synonymously. I believe, a hairstylist is a person who provides a service based on the clients wants and current trends. An artist however, is a creator and trendsetter in more of a contemporary sense. Well at least for me.

My goal behind the chair was never to keep up with trends or recreating someone else’s art form. I knew a long time ago that my hands had a mind of their own. So I found discipline in studying the standards of cosmetology to train my hands to do things correctly; I’ve always found myself drawing outside the lines, creating other dimensions to the subject at hand. In practice, there is discovery in art, that you feel you may have pioneered. Whether true or not, it’s worth exploring.

Grand Textures was born 1.5 years ago and I’ve been studying my work ever since. I’ve discovered that I have kept a large part of my clientele due to services provided at my previous salon. However, I’ve been grateful for another part of my clientele I’ve gained through talent and my current work of art. While I love all my clients the same, it can be incredibly difficult to satisfy some desired looks. That difficulty is because I am mimicking styles of another unknown artist, in which I can’t conceptualize. Honestly, I don’t want to. What I create will be original or inspired pieces of my own, using your very own hair. For most of you, I am not talking about avant garde creations but more of what I see for you in lieu of what you want to feel. That’s the art I want to create.

I’m strictly an artist. With the influence of my industry, to live and work up to a standard, I’ve changed my way of service. I am an influencer of beauty culture and a pioneer in cosmetology, therefore I’m transiting my focus to an artist of cosmetic styling. Continuing to provide immaculate cutting, tailor made color and je ne sais quoi styling, my gaze has been shifted, a la mode.

To those who have been along for this ride and those of you who are choosing to continue this journey with me, thank you.

With that being said, I want to hear from you. I would love to hear feedback as to how you could be apart of this beautiful journey for Grand Textures.

Click the link below to fill out a survey and feel free to add your own comments.

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