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What to book at Grand Textures

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Explaining the menu by Janay

Often during appointments and through text messages, I try my best to convey my artistry and explain industry terms and the services I offer in the salon. I find that there isn’t enough time to fully explain or often I am trying to summarize but I feel like my menu can use some clarity. Below are descriptions of my services offered.


Book: Strictly Curly CUT
Shaped, hydrated and set.

Strictly Curly Cut-

This is for the person who is already wearing their hair curly all the time and wants a new shape. This service includes curl shaping, cleansing, deep conditioning as well as extra time for styling and drying. This is NOT recommended for those transitioning (straight/damaged ends) unless you are ready to chop most or all of your ends off.

Clean Cut-

A clean cut is your most traditional haircut. It’s cut with consideration as to where your hair currently is. This cut can be performed on wet hair but is most commonly done on dry hair at Grand Textures. For example, if your hair is half straight and half curly, you want to grow your hair out but would still like to wear it straight until the damage is gone; book this service.

*This can also be a quick trim for strictly curly hair. -until 2023


Currently offering 5 different Keratin Complex Treatments. Each keratin is based on the average needs.

  • Express

  • Natural Smoothing

  • Max Straightness

  • Personalized Blow-out

  • Curl Enhancing

Curled Silk Press with Keratin Complex Vital shot
Natural smoothing Keratin

I use a plant-based, formaldehyde-free system designed to repair the hair's function and appearance. I love using keratin to help you transition, simplify your styling, and speed up dry time. Keratin Complex is not permanent. However because this system is cumulative, you can build or choose a more permanent result.

*more on these services coming soon.

*Prices are subject to change


All color services include treatments and cuts/trims

*prices are subject to change


Book: Balayage
Modern Highlights

A surface painting method that focuses on highlighting the hair exactly where you want it. Balayage creates a natural lighting method as it's designed to brighten your hair softly and away from the root for a softer grow-out. Think of it as a natural highlight of brown, red, copper, and blonde, like you’ve been in the sun all summer.

Root coverage with a balayage.
The Ultimate Balayage


For an overall bright appearance from roots to end with less visibility of your natural hair color. Strategically placed lightener and foils to create ranges of dark and very light blondes. Could also be a way to blend grays in areas of new growth or on the hairline.

Custom Colors-

Creative colors are a three-part process to giving your hair vivid color. This is a very creative process where I have to use lots of skill in every stage while considering the integrity of the hair at all times. During this process, we choose what colors we are using such as blue, purple, or red. Hair is then lightened, treated, and painted with your inspired color.

Her hair was first lightened with highlights, post-color treatments, cut and style.
Custom Color

Full Coverage Color-

Specially formulated color to cover grays, correct old colors, or deepen the hair. This can be permanent, demi, or semi-permanent color. Best for creating rich browns, deep violet hues, and vibrant natural-looking reds.


A soft sheen or glaze is tinted over your hair to refresh, add shine, reduce brass, and/or blend grays. Think of gloss as any other gloss like the shine added to lips. It’s quick and easy to add to your haircut or style.


Fashion + Special events

This is for style only services. I currently offer

Curl Styling: blow out and curls with hot tools. This is not for regular curly hair setting.

Special Occassion/Up-Dos: Intricate styling and finishing. This including but not limited to weddings, homecomings, proms and photoshoots.

Travel Styling : on site styling, limited to, hot tool styling, blow dry and updos

Short hair styling: on site for barbering and grooming

Consulting + Coaching

I love meeting and getting to know you. During my coaching session, I discover who you are, your lifestyle, and your goals. In that, I uncover your hair's characteristics, and your maintenance routine, plus recommend products.

Still taking consultations. All I need is 45 minutes.
Let's meet on zoom!

I love creating personal self-care. So let's meet soon and get you on the right path to the best hair of your life. Go ahead! I dare you to see the best your hair can be! Book your next transformation at...

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